October 10, 2018, Morro Bay, California. For immediate release. The Morro Bay Commercial Fisherman’s Organization, the Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen Association, and Castle Wind LLC, a joint venture between Trident Winds Inc. and EnBW North America Inc., have entered into a mutual benefits agreement intended to minimize the impacts a future offshore wind project on the local commercial fishing industry.

California’s offshore wind is an abundant, local, renewable energy resource that will help California achieve its climate and renewable energy goals, while providing a critical diversity in the energy supply. California has some of the most ambitious climate and renewable energy goals in the world, with Governor Brown’s recent signing of legislation calling for California’s energy supply to be carbon neutral by 2045. Castle Wind is planning to develop an offshore wind project with a grid connection in Morro Bay that will generate up to 1,000 megawatts, providing clean energy for over 300,000 households. While offshore wind helps to meet the state’s clean energy requirements, create well-paying sustainable jobs for the duration of the project operations, it also brings new economic and tax revenue benefits to the city of Morro Bay. However, as with any energy project, it may have an impact on the local community. Under the Memorandum of Cooperation with the City of Morro Bay, executed in October 2015, Castle Wind has followed the guidance of the City Council to address issues that may affect the commercial fishing industry that is key to the City’s economy. The mutual benefits agreement signed between MBCFO, PSLCFA and Castle Wind ensures that the project would provide essential community benefits. The commercial fishing industry is a significant part of the Central Coast communities and economy. Castle Wind has been working closely with the local commercial fishing organizations for over two years to develop means to minimize the anticipated impacts in the vicinity of the planned offshore wind project. Castle Wind has voluntarily agreed to enter into the first of its kind mutual benefits agreement with the commercial fishing organizations to minimize the anticipated impacts to the commercial fishing communities, while opening new business opportunities for the fishing industry. Castle Wind values its relationship with the fishing industry and is proud to stand together with the fisherman and other members of the local community. “We appreciate that Castle Wind LLC has reached out to the local fishing community to find a solution that is workable for both of us. This agreement is the first of its kind and will set an example for other fishing communities to address their specific issue. We wanted to make sure it was right for the fishermen, so we spent a lot of time discussing our options with Morro Bay and Port San Luis Obispo fishing organizations and Castle Wind LLC until we finally came to an understanding that should work for all. We are now more confident going forward that this agreement will ensure that the needs of the commercial fishermen are taken into consideration with the installation of an offshore wind farm in our local waters,” said Tom Hafer, President of MBCFO, speaking on behalf of both organizations. “Castle Wind recognized early on that to be successful, it would require local knowledge and close interaction with stakeholders throughout the offshore wind project development, construction and operation. The recent history has demonstrated that stakeholders are key to a successful project. To that extent, Castle Wind is dedicated to addressing issues of mutual impacts and benefits upfront,” said Alla Weinstein, CEO of Castle Wind

About Morro Bay Commercial Fishermen Organization (MBCFO)

The MBCFO was established in 1972 to address issues facing commercial fishermen. The MBCFO represents the working men and women of Morro Bay, California’s waterfront. The MBCFO works closely with governmental organizations, NGOs, business groups and other stakeholders on a number of issues every year to support commercial fisheries, improve marine environments and strengthen the social and economic health of our community. MBCFO is an all-volunteer organization (no paid employees) and relies on board members’ energy and vision to execute it’s many goals.

About Port San Luis Commercial Fishermen Association (PSLCFA)

PSLCFA, incorporated in 1975, is dedicated to the advancement of the commercial fishing and community programs within Port San Luis Harbor and within San Luis Obispo County. The PSLCFA is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.

About Castle Wind LLC

Castle Wind LLC, was established in 2018 as a joint venture between Trident Winds Inc., a developer of deep-water offshore wind projects, and EnBW AG, one of the largest German utilities. EnBW, with a workforce of 20,000 employees, supplies electricity, gas, water and energy-related products and services to over 5.5 million customers. EnBW pursues a sustainable long-term approach by investing in large-scale renewables. Currently EnBW is planning, developing and operating a portfolio of 1,846 MW of offshore wind. Castle Wind LLC is focusing on obtaining the site lease from BOEM for approximately 1,000 MW floating offshore wind project and is in the queue with California Independent System Operator for the grid connection at the Morro Bay substation.