Alla Weinstein, CEO of Castle Wind LLC, the developer of a proposed 1,000 MW floating offshore wind farm off the coast of Morro Bay, issued the following statement in response to yesterday’s news about Governor Newsom’s signing of CA AB525 (21R).

“The passage of AB 525, which was signed into law yesterday, represents a historic step towards the development of a thriving offshore wind industry in California that will create lasting economic, energy, and environmental benefits for the state and nation. Castle Wind applauds the efforts of the California State Legislature and Newsom Administration to support this generational opportunity to combat climate change and deliver significant economic benefits and a new source of reliable clean energy to families and businesses across the State. This bill will help jumpstart the offshore wind industry by providing much needed regulatory and policy support. Since 2016, Castle Wind has worked to develop the offshore wind market in California through the submittal of an unsolicited lease request to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) and the commissioning of a 2019 study to define the value of offshore wind for the state. The California Energy Commission will now begin planning for the future of the industry by setting goals and engaging with sister agencies in important strategic planning processes. Castle Wind is committed to working with the CEC and leaders throughout California to help capture this abundant renewable energy resource and the many benefits it will provide.”

Castle Wind LLC ( is a joint venture between Trident Winds Inc. and EnBW North American Inc. Castle Wind was created to bring a floating offshore wind farm with a proposed 1,000 MW capacity of clean, renewable energy to California.